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The Seed of a God — Soiled Rubber w/ Hep Z, Size X-Small
Star Trek™ Fan FIlms for Dummies — Conviction Edition
Crocheted Spent Tampon Catnip Toy — Possible Biohazard
3 for $24.99
NuDina's "Thought Encourager" Laser Playset — Wasn't Effective
Bag of Random Crap From Our Car, Apartment, or Dumpster
Ramirez' 14" Gash Blaster™ w/ Suction Base — Dented Balls
15 Minutes at Studio Bathroom Glory Hole — Mystery Mouth
Sushi Lunch With Alex and Khran's Ghost — Séance Extra
15 Minutes at Studio Bathroom Glory Hole — Star of Your Choice
"Precious" Enchanted Gold Cock Ring — Slightly Evil
Be a Hollywood Producer — BYO Hookers & Blow
All items include a Certificate of Authenticity that has been lovingly adorned with the gold leafed pucker of a transient's anus... except for the cock ring, because that thing is fucking scary, dude. NO REFUNDS (thanks, Sandy)!